Case Studies

Retail & E-Commerce

CVS Health Customer Journey

The Ask
We conducted a test in a CVS Store to collect preliminary data on the current store environment and customer experience to inform future strategies.

*The captured data tracked the experience as they entered, browsed, checked out, and exited the store.
The Analysis
Brand love, customer satisfaction, and overall sales were being impacted by three main things including potential customer engagement improvement, opportunity to increase customer’s interest level, and areas of opportunity include signage, product placement/shelf management, and customer engagement.
The Answer
We presented strategic action items to CVSH team including proposal to conduct extensive research uncovering pertinent and influential data, signage improvement plan using neuro-based A/B testing, and ideas to identify experience-specific improvements to increase sales/profit by tapping into customer’s subconscious decision making process.

  • room for increased engagement 32%
  • room for increased interest 30%
  • room for reduced cognitive load 40%
  • room for improved focus 50%

Film & Media

Movie Trailer Success

The Ask
We analyzed three movie trailers of popular and acclaimed movies from the last three years to understand its impact on worldwide box office success.
The Analysis
In the production world, concept, story, relatability, and practicality trumps media hype, casting, and promotions. Audience has little-to-no interest in watching or recommending movies (and their trailers) if the plot isn’t interesting or relatable to them. The creative and storytelling elements of trailers have short-term impact on how the audience feels but it doesn’t always translate to long-term memory.
The Answer
Commercial or box office success of the movie can be predicted by analyzing the emotional resonance and connectivity of the audience with the overall theme/plot of the movie rather than the fame and popularity of their name and trailer.


Aetna Medicare Advantage Video

The Ask
We tested the interactive Medicare and Medicare Advantage Video for Aetna to collect data on the effectiveness and emotional resonance of the video.
The Analysis
Gamification elements of the video powered by interactive moments of coloring the letters and engaging in quiz segments propelled the success of the video and enforced memorability. Aetna’s Medicare video maintained an astonishingly high average score of 85+ for both engagement and interest throughout the entire 22 min of this infomercial-style creative.
The Answer
Simple informational videos related to healthcare and insurance space have a reputation of being long, boring, and ineffective. Aetna’s Medicare video included interactive elements of gamification to keep the audience excited, interested, and engaged throughout the video making it a memorable experience.

  • Avg. Engagement 89%
  • Avg. Interest 87%
  • Max. Excitement 99%
  • Max. Focus 98%