The Science of Art

The Biology of Behavior

We use applied neuroscience and our proprietary mix of datasets to predict success more accurately.

Emotional Data®

We own a unique set of data. Both in engineering and identity.

Our patented mix of behavioral, neurobiological, physiological, and psychological data enables us to understand the human psyche and subconscious decision making.

Emotions in Motion

Feels Lifecycle

  • Stimulus generates an unfelt emotion in the brain that causes the body to produce responsive hormones that create feelings


  • The body has physical reactions to emotions - feeling excited triggers a racing heart, expressive body and facial movements, and sounds


  • 10% of the decisions we make are purely based on data

    90% of decisions we make are rooted in emotion


We engineered our analyzation and predictive platform MODEQ™ to utilize qualitative, quantitative, human experience, and Emotional Data® to create an EQScore™.

This score factors in cognitive load, emotional connection, market nuances, and subconscious reactions to help define ‘experience’ and evaluate its potential success.

Let's Define the
Undefinable Together